Norway: Lillehammer Ski Jump

You strap on your skis, grab your poles, adjust your goggles--and plummet down the snow-covered slope, accelerating until you hurtle off the jump, and soar over 360 feet through the air. Such is the ski jumper's experience on the quest to become the "mountain king."

During the 1994 Olympics, the Norwegians proved to be king of the mountain. Fred Borre Lundberg got the gold while fellow countryman Bjarte Engen Vik claimed the bronze. Takanort Kono from Japan grabbed the silver.

About the Scenic Snaps

The Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena at Lillehammer comprising a higher (120 m) and a lower (90 m) ski jump. We choice to take the lift down instead of descending the 954 steps (or plummeting down on skis).

  • Notice the "Olympic Egg" next to the climbing wall.
  • We had a good time in the skiing simulator (though a few people got a little too close). :)

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