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This site contains 223 photographs of Norway. An introduction screen, with roll-over buttons and background music, leads to the 12 sections that contain images.

The 12 sections include: 1) Feeling Olympic, 2) Sod Houses & Stave Churches, 3) Lillehammer Ski Jump, 4) Snow, Ice, & Glaciers, 5) Geirangerfjord, 6) Reflecting Waters, 7) Hardangerfjord, 8) Flam Railway, 9) Waterfalls, 10) Heroes of Telemark, 11) Oslo Landmarks, & 12) Go 'a viking'. The navigation system for each section was created with "Adobe Imageready 2.0."

Each section also contains background music related to the topic: 0) Greig's "Solveig's Song," 1) Olympic Theme Song, 2) Amazing Grace, 3) Grieg's "Mountain King," 4) Grieg's "Last Spring," 5) Grieg's "To Spring," 6) Grieg's "Morning Mood," 7) Grieg's "Valse," 8) Working on the Railroad, 9) Grieg's "Album Leaf," 10) Norway National Anthem, 11) Grieg's "Wedding Day at Troldhaugen," 12) Grieg's "March of the Dwarfs." I believe all of this music is in the public domain...

The pictures were taken on a family vacation during June 2000. All images are Copyright 2000, Wayne Pafko. Please ask for permission before using them. In most cases permission will be granted and the fee will be waved... But please ask us so that we know how our images are being used! You can reach us at norway@pafko.com...

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the site!

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Copyright 2000, Wayne Pafko
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