Pafko Publications, 2002

The Otaku Slang Dictionary

Essential Words Needed For the Anime Fanatic

Anime /a-n'ê-mâ/ n (Jp) 1: kick-ass animation and themes for teenagers and adults 2: the best thing since sliced pan

Baka /bä-kä/ adj (Jp) 1: idiot; 2: anyone who is not an otaku

Chibi /chi-b'ê/ adj (Jp) 1: small, tiny, insignificant; 2: cute

Dub /däb/ n (Eng) 1: an anime show whose original sound track was dubbed over by English (or respected language) usually allowing errors in script and performance; 2: better than Subs!

Fan-website /fan-web-sît/ n (Eng) 1: a website totally devoted to one's favorite anime series/movie; 2: a good career move

Gomen /gô-mân / adj (Jp) 1: I'm sorry; 2: I'm sorry, please don't smite me

Gomen nasai /gô-mân-näsî/ adj (Jp) 1: polite form of gomen; 2: I've very sorry, please don't mutilate

me to the point where I'm a steaming glop of goo…or inflict any pain whatsoever on me

Hentai /hen-tî/ n (Jp) pervert, someone with a very perverse mind usually male

Kawaii /kä-wî/ adj (Jp) adorable, cute, pretty

Nani /nä-nê/ interrog. (Jp) what

Otaku /ô-tä-kü/ n (Jp) 1: a person totally obsessed with anime; 2: the coolest people on the face of the Earth; 3: modest people who should be the rulers of the universe!!!

Pan /pän/ n (Jp, Sp) 1: a tomboy quarter-Saiyan from Dragonball GT; 2: bread

Sake /sä-kê/ n (Jp) the drink of champions

Shimatta /shê-mät-tä/ interj (Jp) a bad Japanese word

Sub /säb/ n (Eng) 1: an anime show whose original sound track has not been altered in any way and is subtitled in English (or respected language); 2: better than Dubs!