Welcome to my site Pafko Publications. Here you can find some of my work: songs, poetry, stories, sonnets, etc. Also I'll be featuring a picture gallery full of pictures I drew once I get a scanner. It's slowly growing and hopefully I'll have much more soon. Enjoy! :)

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Last updated: 3 May 2004

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Yes, I have now finally added a gallery of my work for your enjoyment. Ooo and aaa at my superior drawing ability! Mwahahaha...

(Warning: Most of the stories here are incomplete and probably won't be worked on again for some time)

An Untitled Short

Beyond the Vision

Dark Moon

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Dragon Born




A Heart That Cannot Laugh

Ages Past

Angel Wings

I Alassë Coirëo (The Joy of Spring)

The Flower

Manen Merin (How I Wish)

Mistë (Rain)

My Dear Sorrow

Pityë Hínar (Small Children)


The Song

Thank You

Time Slowly Passes

Tribute To Frodo (in Quenya)

Tribute To Tolkien

Tulë Coirë! (Come Spring)

(These are songs and such that I have, for some bizarre reason, translated into Quenya for your and my own enjoyment. Don't ask me why, I just have no life! Besides...I like Quenya)

Duvet (opening song to Serial Experiments Lain)

In Dreams (from the LotR soundtrack)

Literal Translation

Singable Version

The Last Unicorn (the main song from the animated movie, The Last Unicorn)

May it Be (from the LotR soundtrack)(down for correction in translation)

The Ten Commandments

Á Linda Lírë (an original song with LotR style commentary)

Otaku Dictionary

Sonnet Attempt No. 345.6

Tired Rap

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